Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I let my church know about VDC?

Great question! Simply contact an Area Coordinator on INKY Via De Cristo’s Secretariat. There is a core of volunteers trained to present the Via De Cristo movement to churches of any denomination. We also have brochures and a PowerPoint presentation available on the What is VDC page.

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Where can I find an application to attend a weekend?

There are several applications available on this site. Please click the “applications” button under ‘Quick Links’ at the top left portion of this page

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How much does it cost?

The cost per person is $100. This amount covers the entire weekend: your transportation to and from the retreat site, all meals and snacks, supplies, and your accommodations. All expenses for the weekend are covered. You won’t need to bring any extra money on the weekend. Payment is due at the end of the weekend. In addition to the weekend fee, there is a $20 non-refundable application fee for a total weekend cost of $120 per person.!

But wait, there’s more.  SOGO – Sponsor One Get One.  If one pilgrim is paid in full, the second one is free!  When making out the application type ‘SOGO’ in the notes at the bottom and who your second is and get the second one free.

Scholarships are available if you aren’t able to pay. You should never allow lack of funds to prevent you from attending a weekend. However, if you are unable to pay, please notify your sponsor so they can apply for a scholarship for you.

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What should I bring? How should I pack?

You will be staying in cabins with other people. The lodges have heating and air-conditioning, sleeping rooms equipped with two or more sets of bunk beds each, restrooms with showers, laundry facilities, a meeting room with fireplace and kitchenette (refrigerator, sink, microwave), handicapped accessibility. All sleeping arrangements are assigned. All meals and snacks are provided. The weekend is highly structured. There is a lot of material to cover in a short time. There is very little free time. Should you bring a cell phone, you will be asked to turn it off.

Items to bring:
Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets and pillow (except at Good Shepherd, bedding is provided)
Towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo
Bathrobe or cover-up
Slippers, flip-flops, etc. to wear in showers/restrooms
Personal care items
Hair dryer if needed
COMFORTABLE clothes appropriate for the weather. Layers are recommended.
Comfy shoes as you will walk from the dorms to the chapel and classroom each day
Umbrella if rain expected

Items NOT to bring:
Laptop or personal computers–no hook-ups available
Notebooks–Provided with registration
Camera or video/tape recording devices–to protect privacy of others in attendance
Expensive items–a no brainer
Golf clubs–believe me, there’s no course nearby and there won’t be time!
Food–all is provided, in abundance!
Toilet paper–we’ve got you covered!
Camping items–it’s not THAT primitive

If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor. They’ve been to the camp and will be able to answer any questions you might have. You may also contact any member of the Secretariat.

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Emergency Phone numbers:
Contact numbers in case of emergency during a retreat weekend:

Camp Lakeview – Seymour: 812-342-4815

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What if I don’t have a sponsor, do I really need one?
Yes, you really need a sponsor. They can provide you with valuable information. To find a sponsor click Contact Us and send an email to our Lay Director. Make sure to include your name, your church and city, and which weekend you would like to attend. Also include your phone number so he can call you if he needs any additional information.

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Where are Send-off and Closing locations for the retreats?

Directions to Camp

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I just attended a weekend, have you found my______ ?

If you have lost an item, or left it behind at camp, contact John London.

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Where do I go for Saturday song, prayer and fellowship?

Saturday Song, prayer and fellowship is at 5:30. There will be directions at each camp to guide you.

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Can I make a donation to Inky Via De Cristo?

Absolutely! Often members of the greater Via De Cristo community wish to assist the movement anonymously; they wish to help purchase supplies or foods for the weekends; or assist with improvements to the campsites. We’ve made it easy by adding an option to donate online via PayPal. Your donation is secure and you can donate via MasterCard, Visa, Discover or a checking account transfer. 100% of your donation benefits INKY Via De Cristo. All positions on Inky Via De Cristo are volunteer. Just click on the “Make a donation” button below and you’ll be redirected to our PayPal account.


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