To Renew

If you wish you may download an application then print and send. Since you have already attended a VDC weekend, make sure you check the box in the upper right hand corner indicating you would like a ‘Renewal Weekend’.

OR, fill out the following application (make sure you select ‘Renewal’ on the form)

Make sure you see that it was successful in green at the bottom of the form after you press submit.
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If you answered "YES" to the above medical questions, Please give us some details so that we may assist you on YOUR weekend. If you want someone to call you regarding special needs, please let us know.


Please talk to your sponsor regarding the cost of the week-end. If you are paying for the weekend, the cost is $120 (This includes the $20 application fee). You can conveniently use the PayPal 'Donate' on the right edge of this page towards to top to pay. If you can not pay for the week-end please talk it over with your sponsor. Additionally, there are scholarships available, contact the Pre-Weekend Chair for more information.