To Serve

This is only for those who have experienced a weekend. If you haven’t, you’re on the wrong page. You need to apply at here.

If you wish you may download an application then print and send.

Linda Karlin
INKY VdC Leaders Chair
PO Box 236
Wabash, IN 46992

OR, fill out the following application.

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Position Held Team # Position Held Team #
Rector Rollo Room Cha
Head Cha Asst Rollo Room Cha
Music Cha Table Cha
Head Kitchen Cha Head Chapel Cha
Asst Kitchen Cha Asst Chapel Cha
Kitchen Cha Silent Professor
Spiritual Director Palanca Cha
Special Cha Fourth Day Speaker

If experienced as a PROFESSOR, please indicate the rollos given:
Ideal Apostolic Action
Laity Leaders
Piety Environment
Study Christian Community In Action

Do you have any physical restrictions or issues that affect your ability to serve in any team position? We need this information to work with you.

Please explain.

Currently participating in REUNION GROUP? YesNo

Can you play: GuitarKeyboardOrgan

Would you like to be considered as a Music Cha? YesNo

As a Music Cha would you be interested in: TeamSerenadeClosing

Please consider my application for:

Date : Location:

The cost per team member to serve is $100. If you are called to serve and are unable to pay, please talk with the weekend’s Rector or Head Cha. Scholarships are available.